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The Strength and History of the Autism Puzzle Piece

The Autism Puzzle Piece is widely known symbol across the internet, gaining attention as people post pictures of it on their social media pages, design t-shirts showcasing it, and even sport tattoos of it. However, while it is gaining attention, very little of the history behind it is widely known.

The puzzle piece originated as a logo for the National Autism Society, pictured here. The society chose it because, at the time, it looked nothing like any other commercial logo being presented. It is also viewed as a symbol of what autism is – a puzzling disorder that affects one in every sixty-eight children that makes it hard for them to fit in. They added more color to the logo in a way to symbolize hope.

After it was widely popularized, the symbol became a sign of strength for those with autism and their families. Many people have even gone so far as to get the image tattooed on their body (examples of which are found here, here, and here.) These images are a symbol for strength and unity, connecting those who otherwise would have very little in common.

At Ady’s Army, we use the symbol to help encourage donations for the children. As money is raised for Ady’s Paws, one of our charities that raises money to get service dogs for autistic children, a figure of a dog fills up with puzzle pieces in order to show how close each page is to the child’s donation goal. This also goes for Ady’s Barracks, which raises money to get fences built around homes of autistic children so they do not wander, and Ady’s Wings, which helps families with travel costs.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about autism and to consider donating to the children featured on our websites.

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