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Autism WanderingHow to Respond to Autism Wandering

Autism wandering is a worry for every parent of a child with autism. Just this year, a 5-year-old boy wandered away from his elementary school and was found alone on the street by a concerned citizen. Thankfully the boy was okay, but this same scenario has played out hundreds of times, often with a very […]

Read MoreAutism WanderingTools Give Families Peace of Mind When Children with Autism Start Wandering

Parents who have a child with autism know their job is harder than the average mother or father. In addition to dealing with sensory issues, routines, and therapy, many children with autism have a habit of wandering. Despite the parents best efforts to keep eyes on the child at all times, it only takes a […]

Read MorePrevent Autism Wandering Accidents with a Tracking Device

There are few moments more heart-stopping than turning around and realizing that a loved one who suffers from autism has wandered off. Autism wandering is something that no parent or caregiver ever wants to experience, but it occurs frequently and sometimes has tragic results. In an article issued by Autism Speaks, Senior Executive Director Bob Lowery of the […]

Read MoreAutism Basics: The Dangers of Wandering or Elopement Behavior

On October 29th, a 5-year-old boy was spotted walking alone without shoes, down a busy road in St George, Utah. The boy was non-verbal and could not tell the police who he was or where his parents were. Fortunately the officers were able to locate his parents quickly — they were visiting in a nearby […]

Read More5 Facts About the The Legality of Autism Service Dogs

Let’s take a moment and dispel some of the misinformation surrounding autism service dogs. Here are five facts about the legality of service dogs that are important to know while getting a service dog for your child. 1. Taxi Cabs Cannot Deny Taxi cabs are unable to deny you transportation due to having a service animal. […]

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