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Revised: Five Autism Blogs for the New Year

After the stress of the holidays and all of the change and tumult they bring, January has its own claim on depression for many people, including those with autism. We’ve selected some worthy autism blogs to help you through the winter.

Learn to Speak Your Autistic Child’s Language:

Is it a challenge to talk about goals for the new year? This autism blog from provides some excellent tips for communicating new (or even old) ideas. It makes the important distinction that even highly verbal autistic children may talk or think in a different way than you expect.

Behaviour and Discipline Issues for Children with Autism:

We love Super Nanny and we love that the team provides discipline methods designed specifically for autistic children. Creating a behavior diary is one such gem. If you haven’t already, start a diary this year and review your progress as the seasons change. You may want to begin with notes about 2015’s holidays. You’ll be glad you did when Fall rolls around.

Autism and the Holidays:

Yes, you’ve survived Christmas, but as author Emma Nicholson notes here in the Huffington Post, the experience rings of the raw feelings she finds in the aftermath. This blog entry is a tough take on her role as her son’s mother. Read it and know that every ASD mom has moments like this.

Why Autistic Kids Make Easy Targets for School Bullies:

This autism blog from is a must-read and also a must-discuss. It very correctly points out that children with autism are easily coerced into doing things, have difficulty understanding when they’re being bullied, and even greater difficulty reporting it.

Is Your ASD Child at Risk of Suicide?:

In the same vein, this blog from provides important information for parents and friends of ASD children. It notes that an autistic child’s depression can easily fall under the radar. The winter blues can get to anyone, so be sure you know the signs that your child is on the verge of despair.

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