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Considering Donating to a Cause with Some of Your Tax Return? Help Keep Children With Autism Who Wander Stay Safe

It’s tax return time, and that means many households are looking forward to a refund from the government. Many families use that money towards something they need or want, such as a vehicle, vacation, or houshold project. But many people are also devoted to giving a percentage of that refund to a worthy cause. If you have a heart for children with Autism who have a tendency to wander, you can help in a very significant way.

Almost everyone has some level of knowledge about the challenges that families affected by Autism face. In addition to day-to-day struggles, it creates a stressful home environment, putting a strain on relationships. While many people wish they could help by offering some of these parents a break, most don’t feel qualified or comfortable stepping in to care for a child with Autism.

There is one way to give families a break, and that’s by helping provide a place where a child who has a tendency to wander off can go, and safely play outside in a fenced-off area. A fence may not seem like a big investment, but for many families it is economically unfeasible given the cost of therapy, special equipment, and usually the need for one parent to stay-at-home, resulting in a lower income.

A fence also doesn’t seem like something that would make a big difference, but for parents who are constantly on edge, unable to take their eyes off a child who has a tendency to disappear, it can provide an enormous emotional break for these parents who rarely get a minute to just relax. Constant worry and vigilance over a child’s safety can lead to health issues, and broken relationships.

Ady’s Barracks is a simple way to keep these children safe, and provide a well-earned break for caregivers. We raise the money to construct a fence so children with Autism have a safe space just for them.

In addition to fencing, Ady’s Army has other projects that help families affected by Autism. Ady’s Wings provides medical flights for children who don’t have specialists in their geographical area. And Ady’s Paws provides service dogs who work vigilantly to keep children safe.

It’s always a blessing to discover you will be getting a tax refund, and we are thankful for the many people who choose to share a portion of that with Ady’s Army. Any size donation goes a long way, and is a concrete way of helping out a family affected by Autism.

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