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Autism WanderingRisks associated with autism wandering are a real fear for many parents

Parents have many fears when they receive a diagnosis that their child has autism. With the prevalence of autism diagnoses increasing 6-15 percent every year, making it the fastest growing developmental disability, these fears are becoming realities for more and more parents every day. One of the most concerning fears is autism wandering. There are […]

Read MoreAutism WanderingAutism and Wandering: Tips To Keep Your Child Safe

For most parents, the safety of their children is paramount. Ensuring the safety of a child with autism can be complex. Children with autism may lack the skill or ability to keep themselves safe. Some children with autism may have minimal awareness of their surroundings or cannot use traditional forms of communication. Imagine such a […]

Read MoreAutism WanderingElectronic Tracking Devices Provide Extra Security in Cases of Autism Wandering

Parents of children with autism face many issues every day, but wandering is particularly frightening. A child can disappear in seconds if they’re prone to autism wandering. These children can be difficult to locate, and too many times the result is tragic. Tracking devices can help parents and law enforcement officials quickly locate an autistic […]

Read MoreAutism WanderingConsidering Donating to a Cause with Some of Your Tax Return? Help Keep Children With Autism Who Wander Stay Safe

It’s tax return time, and that means many households are looking forward to a refund from the government. Many families use that money towards something they need or want, such as a vehicle, vacation, or houshold project. But many people are also devoted to giving a percentage of that refund to a worthy cause. If […]

Read MoreAutism WanderingAutism Wandering Is A Real Problem

Autism Wandering is more of a problem than you may think. In a study published in the Pediatrics journal, it was found that nearly half of all autistically challenged children over the age of 4 have wandered off at some time or another. In addition, 65% of these instances involved a close call with traffic, […]

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