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Autism Puzzle PieceHow much do you really know about the Autism Puzzle Piece?

We’d all like to think we’re experts on the Autism Puzzle Piece, but how much do we really know? The answer might shock you. Created in 1963 by the National Autism Society, the puzzle piece logo has become the international symbol for the Autistic community. They chose the puzzle piece logo because it didn’t resemble any […]

Read MoreWhat to Say When Asked about Your Autism Puzzle PieceWhat to Say When Asked about Your Autism Puzzle Piece

One can easily find the autism puzzle piece as a necklace, printed on mugs, in tattoos, or on car windows or bumpers. These symbols serve to raise awareness, show support, and connect with others sporting a similar emblem. When someone mentions your puzzle piece, however, at times it can be difficult to know exactly how […]

Read MoreAutism Puzzle PieceAutism Puzzle Piece – a Mother’s Perspective

Recently a post came through from a customer and we wanted to share it with you. Yesterday a good friend sent an email with an award her daughter had won at school. It was a logo of the autism puzzle piece. Since April is Autism awareness month, this symbol has profound meaning to so many […]

Read MoreAutism Puzzle PieceThe Autism Puzzle Piece

April is Autism awareness month and everywhere you look, puzzle pieces are being proudly displayed in support of the autistic community. The autism puzzle piece has become internationally recognized as a symbol representing the autistic community. The autism puzzle piece was first used as a logo for the National Autistic Society in London and was […]

Read MoreThe Strength and History of the Autism Puzzle Piece

The Autism Puzzle Piece is widely known symbol across the internet, gaining attention as people post pictures of it on their social media pages, design t-shirts showcasing it, and even sport tattoos of it. However, while it is gaining attention, very little of the history behind it is widely known. The puzzle piece originated as a logo […]

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