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Autism Service Dogs -- Autism Licking GoodAutism Service Dogs — Autism Licking Good

There have been so many recent studies linking the positive effect of animals in general to the socialization and anxiety often accompanying those on the Autism Spectrum. It seems that dogs, however, win the lottery when it comes to servicing the needs of our most sensitive and gifted children. Autism Service Dogs go far beyond […]

Read MoreAutism Service DogsProtecting Paws: Autism Service Dogs In The Family

Autism Service Dogs are specially trained to assist an autistic child with a variety of skills, including safety, sensory, and social skills to more effectively explore their world. These dogs become part of the family and provide support in a surprising number of ways. Safety Skills One of the behaviors common to autistic children is not […]

Read MoreAutism Service DogsTraining Autism Service Dogs

Autism Service Dogs are trusted with one of our society’s greatest treasures: children, and not just any children but a special group with an array of needs to keep them safe and to provide families with some much-needed stress relief. The “autism spectrum” includes people who don’t understand social cues well. They may not interact […]

Read MoreAutism Service DogsAutism Service Dogs Provide Tangible and Intangible Relief for Children

No greater love is there, then when a friend lays down his life for another. This is the sort of heroic type of help Autism service dogs provide to children. In a situation where parents feel helpless and only so much assistance can be found through medication, Autism Service Dogs can provide tangible and intangible […]

Read MoreAutism Service DogsHow Autism Service Dogs Stop Self-Harming Behavior

Self-harm prevention is one of the many benefits of owning an autism service dog. If you have a child who suffers from self-harming behavior as a result of autism, autism service dogs can be specifically trained to intervene. According to an article in Psychology Today by Dr. Stanley Coren, self-harming behaviors can manifest themselves in a […]

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