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Autism Wandering Is A Real Problem

Autism Wandering is more of a problem than you may think. In a study published in the Pediatrics journal, it was found that nearly half of all autistically challenged children over the age of 4 have wandered off at some time or another. In addition, 65% of these instances involved a close call with traffic, while nearly a quarter involved a close call with drowning.

Indeed, the news is full with instances of autistically challenged children who have gone missing, with sometimes dire results. Recently, the tragic death of a lovely 5-year-old autistically impaired boy was making headlines.

Jayliel Batista wandered away from his home in Allentown, Pennsylvania during a party. When his disappearance was noticed, hundreds of volunteers and concerned citizens searched for him along with the local police department. Unfortunately, his body was found near a local river.

In order that such tragic events do not recur, parents of autistic children should take proper precautions to ensure that they are properly prepared. Measures that should be taken include building a proper fence around the property where the child lives, using a tracking device to keep tabs on the child, and teaching the child how to swim and be aware of traffic so that they will be prepared in the worst scenario.

Ady’s Barracks help children who are autistically challenged and their parents by raising money to build a proper fence around the property where the child resides. Feel free to contact us and we will help you to the best of our abilities. It can save lives.

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