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Autism Service Dogs Save Lives

Meet the furriest superhero you will ever come across: the autism service dog.

Did you think service dogs were reserved for the blind? Did you know these heroes also serve children who have been diagnosed with autism?

While autism holds a wide spectrum, there are devastating cases where children are completely non-verbal or are at risk of experiencing life threatening issues, such as seizures. Other cases consist of behaviors that are extremely aggressive, spontaneous or unpredictable. Studies have shown dramatic improvements of these behaviors when a child is paired with a service dog. Sometimes it can be an emotional solution, other times it can satisfy sensory needs. These furry friends also help warn others when their best friend isn’t feeling like himself. They help track the child’s whereabouts and are trained to always do everything in their power to keep their friend out of harm’s way. This peace of mind is priceless to families who feel helpless and who struggle with daily tasks.

Sadly, the necessity of a service dog is something that is entirely unattainable for most families, with a price of $20,000. This cost is in addition to all of the medical costs families already have. Thankfully, the blessed hands at Ady’s Army have the perfect program to solve this problem.

Through Ady’s Paws, communities can come together to save lives. This life changing program allows families to request assistance from their community to be able to provide their children with a much needed service dog. Using their 80/20 donation promise, contributors are always guaranteed that 80% of their donation will always go towards helping a family get that much closer to providing their child with a life saving companion.

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