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Autism Service Dogs Provide Tangible and Intangible Relief for Children

No greater love is there, then when a friend lays down his life for another. This is the sort of heroic type of help Autism service dogs provide to children. In a situation where parents feel helpless and only so much assistance can be found through medication, Autism Service Dogs can provide tangible and intangible relief for Autistic Children.

Helps Parents Create Safer Environment for Children

Parents and children both are going to benefit from a service dog specially trained in dealing with Autistic children. Most Autistic children have seizures and dangerous episodes of self-harming, and an Autism service dog will interrupt this behavior by placing their paw on their foot, laying on them, and also alerting others.

Autistic children often have poor balance, disorientation, visual problems, and have difficulty detecting harmful directions or stimulus. Autism service dogs are able to stop the children from going in a potentially harmful direction, and help them find the way home or around obstacles. In addition, the dog can help find a child who has wandered off or alert parents to a situation which has become dangerous.

The dog will be a constant companion around the child, basically monitoring them continually. This ensures a safer environment for the child, and also helps the parents have a moment to relax every once in awhile. Truly, this attribute alone is a tangible and intangible factor, which shows why the child and family both are going to benefit from having an Autism service dog.

Serves as a Companion for Mental and Spiritual Health

Dog lovers in general know how great having a dog as a pet is. Now imagine this dog being extremely well-trained and tempered, being able to do intelligent tasks with the ability to detect and respond positively to human behaviors.

Autistic children suffer from a lonely, misunderstood existence, and by having a constant companion who loves them unconditionally: they can find comfort.

This tangible and intangible attribute gained by having an Autism service dog could prove to be just as important as their ability to create a safer environment.

The therapeutic value of a child having a companion who they can focus on and love without human emotions being returned gives them a positive unfiltered relationship they can learn to value themselves from.


Ady’s Paws believes by helping Autistic children acquire an Autism service dog, a life-saving tangible and intangible gift is being given. The results of seeing the positive effects, which these specifically trained dogs have in an Autistic child’s life, has led us to make a focused effort to be a part of making this happen for more children in need.

This is our way of serving God, and we want to offer others the chance to be part of this worthy effort. The blessings are intangibly great, as is the gift, and to see the children and parents gain some relief from this very difficult disorder: makes all the efforts and sacrifices worth it. If you have any questions about what Ady’s Paws does or want to help, please contact us today.

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