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Autism Service Dogs Offer More than Companionship

It is often difficult to explain autism. This extremely complex disorder impairs communication and social interaction, two things essential to keeping children safe in the world we live in.

Autism service dogs form a bond with autistic children that offers them both companionship and safety. They’re always there. At school, the doctor’s office, the grocery store, the movies. Wherever the child goes, the dog goes. Their presence helps in many ways.


Children with autism tend to wander or sometimes “bolt off” without warning. With an autism service dog, parents and caregivers can take the child just about anywhere without worrying about turning around and finding the child missing. The highly trained dogs are focused on their job at all times.


Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows unconditional love. Dogs don’t ask questions. They don’t judge. For a child who is often filled with anxiety and fear, the autism service dog offers a place where the child can temporarily escape from the noise and confusion of a world they don’t understand.


One of the really great benefits of the autism service dog is that it encourages other children to interact with the autistic child. Children who might ordinarily shy away from a child with autism oftentimes find the dog irresistible. And the dog can help repress some of the social challenges that often cause others to reject the autistic child.

To see pictures of some of these fabulous service dogs with their children, see Huffington Post’s article, “Autism Service Dogs and Their Mini-Humans Will Melt Your Heart.”

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