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Autism Seizure Alert Service Dogs Save Lives

Service dogs have been rising in popularity in recent times, mostly due to a new understanding of the diverse skills that dogs are capable of. Autism service dogs have been steadily gaining recognition for their assistance of people with autism. These dogs provide tactile stimulation, companionship, physical assistance, and security – besides all that, some even save lives as medical alert dogs.

Medical alert dogs are trained to alert their owners to a number of conditions, the main two being low blood sugar and seizures. The risk of seizures or seizure disorders is extremely high in people with autism spectrum disorders. Autism service dogs, trained to alert to these attacks, can greatly reduce the damage done by seizures.

Most of the injury caused during a seizure comes from being caught off-guard and falling down. Seizure alert dogs are trained to warn their owner, or a parent or caretaker, of an oncoming seizure. Often they will be trained to guide their owner to a safe place and restrain them until the attack is over.

For people with autism and seizure disorders, seizure alert dogs are lifesavers. However, many families can’t afford the high cost of these well-trained animals. Ady’s Army helps raise funds so that families can afford dogs of their own; and you can help by visiting our website and checking out our Ady’s Paws page. By making a donation, you won’t only be helping improve the life of a child with autism – you may end up saving a life as well.

For more information on autism service dogs or autism spectrum disorder, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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