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Amazon will Donate towards Autism Service Dogs with Every Purchase

Autism is a complex, puzzling condition. In most cases, doctors, therapists, and parents work together to help a child with Autism reach their full potential. But sometimes, despite a strong support system, the one thing that helps the child most of all isn’t a human, but an Autism service dog. If you have a heart to help these children, but simply don’t have money in your budget, all you have to do is click here every time you shop on Amazon, and they will donate towards one of these dogs.

While an Autism service dog is a great companion for a child who struggles with social isolation, there are so many more facets to the job. These dogs can warn caregivers when a child is about to have a seizure, a condition many of these children deal with. Other times, the dogs will prevent a child from wandering away, or help find them if they succeed. When children become overwhelmed or aggressive, these canines are trained to provide much-needed sensory pressure to de-escalate the situation.

Most families are unable to afford the cost of one of these dogs, which can reach over $20,000. But through the generosity of Amazon, Ady’s Army is able to make this dream a reality for many families. By simply taking a moment to go through the Amazon Smiles page, shoppers can help children with Autism receive help without spending any extra money.

In addition to service dogs, Ady’s Army helps families by providing fences for children who tend to wander off. They also arrange flights so children who do not live close to medical services can have access to the best care. To find out more information about how Ady’s Army is helping families affected by Autism, contact us.

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