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Ady’s Wings – Brody

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Operation: Ady's Wings

Objective: Travel for Brody

Brody Bearden was diagnosed with autism when he was two and a half, but has been in therapy since he was six weeks old. What began as occupational therapy at eight months, then speech therapy at 16 months, rolled into a prognosis of early developmental delays and epilepsy. The developmental problems continued to plague Brody, leaving his family confused and concerned. After his second birthday, a clinical psychologist finally placed him on the autism spectrum. The Bearden family was devastated by the news, and began an all-out war on his illness: extensive therapy (speech, behavioral, occupational, and physical); biomedical treatments; a myriad of vitamins and supplements; and a strict gluten and casein free diet became part of daily life. The quest for Brody’s healing left the family strained - financially, maritally, and relationally.

Now seven years old, Brody and his family continue to fight. As Brody’s mom Jennifer says, “Brody is a handsome, sweet boy. We want him to achieve his maximum potential. We will never give up on trying to heal our beautiful son.” And Ady’s Wings will help Brody continue that fight through flight, by allowing him the freedom to travel for doctor’s appointments and necessary treatments without cost to the family.

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