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Operation: Ady's Wings

Objective: Travel for Nate

I knew from the moment Nate was born and he looked through me, something was different. At two months, Nate was diagnosed with central nervous system disfunction. He was placed in early intervention. Countless therapies including trips to Nancy Kaufman Center in West Bloomfield, MI, enrollment in an oral deaf school, and ABA school. I prayed for answers and we were moved to Atlanta from Kentucky. In Atlanta, we found some answers at Emory/Maricus Insitute. Nate was given an autism diagnosis along with a seizure disorder. His EEG showed Nate having hundreds of seizures a day. With more evaluations, it was discovered Nate's seizures were classified as atypical. He was given a unnamed siezure disorder and started in trials at Emory. Nate was started on medication to control the seizures. At one point, Nate was taking seven pills for his seizures alone and still having hundreds of seizures. At times, we were confined to our house because fear of Nate becoming injured during a fall while having a seizure. The medication was covered by the trials in the beginning but has since been at cost to us. This medication was working for Nate but not the others in the trials. The medication at times cost up to $800 for a monthly supply. During these trials, we moved to Birmingham where Nate thrived at Trussville city schools and ABA at Mitchell's place. It was here in Birmingham, I was lead to use my ABA degree to start my private practice to serve severe children with autism in thier homes. We still continued to travel annualy to Emory for treatment and trials, but Nate struggled with being seizure free. His teachers, our friends, and family would share in our heart break to help Nate with his autism and seizure disorder.
We recently moved to Orlando to provide for our family. Nate was enrolled in a special school for teenagers with autism. We continue to travel to Emory for Nate to complete his trials. Nate has been seizure free for a year! Our hopes are this trip, Emory will be able to start reducing Nate off his medication. The yearly evaluation has produced a financial strain on our family this year due to Nate attending the school for his autism.

Nate's smile can light up a room and he does not meet a stranger. He is our joy. He loves as Jesus taught us to love and I am reminded of this daily by him. Our family is speechless by the generosity of Ady's Army in helping us with the Emory trip from Orlando.

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