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Ady’s Barracks – Murray

Funded 49%

Operation: Ady's Barracks

Objective: Fencing for Murray

My husband and I lost our niece recently to a tragic drowning. She was four years old and level 3 autistic. There are no words to describe the heartache our family is enduring. The day she passed away, DHR intervened and placed my other niece in our care. Nothing short of a blessing, we have full custody of her today. She is three years old and autistic. She is also nonverbal and we take her to speech therapy twice a week. She is coping with the loss of her sister as well. Unfortunately, we were not expecting this, nor prepared, to take on a disabled three-year-old who has experienced trauma. All she came with were the clothes she had on her back and we had to toss those out. She loves to be outside and play, but she is a runner and with her disability she has no idea of danger. She will run out in traffic. We desperately need a safe place for her to enjoy outside and play tag, soccer etc. A fence would give me a sense of peace and we can all enjoy these moments we have together as a family. I know the saying “it takes a village” now more than ever. A fence will change our life for her more than anyone would realize. I hate our family and this sweet innocent little girl had to go through this, but we are putting the pain behind us all and focusing on being there together.

Campaign ended on 04/15/2021.

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