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Ady’s Barracks-Caleb

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Operation: Ady's Barracks

Objective: Fencing for Caleb

Let me introduce you to Caleb. Caleb is considered to be non-verbal because he only mimics everything someone else says. He is always on the go (even at night). He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He fills our days singing, dancing, and clapping to the 80’s hairband music. He also loves hot wheel cars (lining them up by colors and saying the make and model of each and every one). He rocks, spins, flaps his hands, and runs back and forth through our home. We also face challenges with him not liking loud noises or him not being scared of anything. With that being said he loves to go outside with his twin older brothers to play on the swing set; or in what he calls the secret room (which is their playhouse) or jump on the trampoline. We would love him to be able to go outside to play in our yard but we can let him go without having a tight grip on him because he is very fast and sees no danger in anything. We live by a very busy road.  We have had to chase him out in the road saving him moments before a car hits him. He can open our front door even though we have a deadbolt and a chain lock on it. I usually run after him calling to him knowing good and well he won't come back. Our biggest fear is him bolting out of the house into traffic and getting hit by a car. We have went so far as to put a tracker on him but it won't help if he gets hit by a car or worse get picked up by someone. He has also been known to get up in the middle of the night to try to go out of the door. We live by a creek that we are afraid he will find one day.

Having a fence would be wonderful thing for Caleb. He would be able to run off some excess energy and play like his brothers. It would open up a whole new world for him to explore.

Krystal (Caleb's Mom)

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