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Ady’s Barracks – Rhys

Meet Rhys CJ Weaver. He is one of the sweetest 4 year old’s that you will ever meet. He loves to laugh and play. Rhys was diagnosed with ASD at the age of two when we realized that he wasn’t meeting his language milestones and we pushed for further testing. Rhys is our miracle baby. […]

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Meet Gabe Aaron Weeks. He is a firecracker who will be 3 in October and has kept us on our toes since the day he arrived. He never meets a stranger and you will never find him without a huge grin (with dimples) on his face. Before Gabe was born my husband and I were […]

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Meet Isla Grace Craft. She is 3 years old with a beautiful smile that melts your heart. Let me tell you how her story began. Lee and I joined Grace Life Baptist Church in Bessemer, AL in March of 2014 . We wanted to get in to missions so our Pastor suggested something domestic. We […]

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Nate is only 10 years old and suffers with shockingly low self-esteem and depression. As his parents, we watch him struggle to fit in socially and see him get overwhelmed with periods of rage and sadness when he feels misunderstood and left out.  Meltdowns are common place and stressful for our entire family. Nate has been in therapy […]

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Let me introduce you to Caleb. Caleb is considered to be non-verbal because he only mimics everything someone else says. He is always on the go (even at night). He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He fills our days singing, dancing, and clapping to the 80’s hairband music. He also loves […]

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