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Ady’s Barracks – Harper

Harper is a 4-year-old Level 3 autistic child. She is nonverbal as well as diagnosed FPIES, elopement issues, and feeding difficulties. Currently, she receives therapy 5 days a week. Her mother is the main caregiver and resource to get her to and from doctor appointments and therapies, while her father is the sole financial provider […]

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Laura, Chris’s mother, grew up in a home where the words autism and special needs were often used. Her mother worked with special needs children for 30 years. Although the situation was all too familiar, nothing, & I mean NOTHING prepares you for the words, “Your son has Autism.” Chris was developing like a typical […]

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Nasir is kind, affectionate, and determined. He has strong academic ambitions and has frequently been named an honor roll student at Epic Alternative Elementary. Nasir participated in equine therapy with a local enthusiast and also receives services from Early Autism Services and Glenwood Community Care. Although Nasir is still learning to cope with certain emotions, […]

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Sylas is perfectly described as our carefree and wild child. He’s extremely intelligent and strong willed 4 year old with a laugh that can make anyone’s heart melt. As a baby, Sylas met every milestone with flying colors, speaking his first words at only 6 months and walking at 10 months! Although, once we turned […]

Read MoreAdy’s Barracks – Grayson

Grayson is an extremely charming five-year-old boy with an infectious smile and laugh. If one were to describe him as energetic it would be a true understatement. His high energy and excitement for life leaves those close to him exhausted and in need of more caffeine. When Grayson was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at […]

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