Serving God by Serving Special Needs Families. Ady's Army Giving “Piece” of Mind, One Family at a Time.

Respite, time away, a break, whatever you call it…we call it Ady’s Respite.

With any relationship, it takes work. It takes effort to make sure that it goes the distance. When there are additional needs in the form of special needs, it adds more to juggle. Scheduling, finances, sitter, dietary needs, medications, and peace of mind all play into scheduling a night away.

We know this first hand. We almost became a statistic because of the toll autism has taken in our marriage.

However, this is not how it has to be!

When we hosted the first date night (thanks to a fantastic donor) and received the feedback, we felt this had to become a branch. 

And not just for married couples. Single parents, we do not know how you all do it. The strongest of the strong also need days away! 

Through Ady’s Respite, we will serve families by providing once a month a night away without the added stress of the finances that go with that. On the first weekend of each month, we are hosting respite/date night.

There will be some months that the dates that are couple focused. There will be other dates for special needs parents (both single and married) to build friendships with other families walking through similar situations. We pay for the date activity and sitter. 

If you are interested in knowing each month about the Respite Night, please contact us and let us know that you would like to subscribe to our Ady’s Respite Newsletter. 

If this is a branch that you would like to donate to, please click the button below to make your tax-deductible gift to provide for respite.

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