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Seventy percent of children with autism also have seizures, and a canine companion can be life-saving for them. Dogs serve as dual protectors for autistic children, providing parents with seizure alerts and assistance as they lay on children during a seizure. They also serve as a steady companion and anchor point in case a child tries to flee. As a companion, dogs provide much needed pressure if a child is overwhelmed or aggressive, and are trained to track a child’s scent if they become lost. Studies show that service dogs can even cut down on bullying at school. However, the cost for these dogs can be expensive, costing upward of $20,000.00. Ady’s Paws aims to equip families with the canine help they need, no financial burden attached.

Below you can help provide a canine companion for a specific family. Scroll down to get to know a family. If you feel led donate to them select an amount and and click donate. The more that is donated, the more puzzle pieces are filled in. When donating you will be joining us in giving a “piece” of mind one family at a time.

As always every donation that you give to help a family falls under our 95/5 promise.

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