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As a family, Brian and Chrissy have three instances where Ady disappeared from their sight. On one occasion, Ady’s mom was walking through the house when she saw the front door open. Unclear as to which way to run, she turned to the left and as she did, saw Ady sitting in a driveway full of pebbles, feeling them sift through her hands. These were the same pebbles that had frustrated Chrissy countless times as she attempted to coax Ady into the car or on a walk. To this day those pebbles serve as a grateful reminder of autistic childrens’ need to be safe and protected. The goal of Ady’s Barracks is to protect children and ease the tension creating safe spaces can cause. We hope to provide fences for families so that they can rest easy knowing their children are safe.

Below you can help provide fencing for a specific family. Scroll down to get to know a family. If you feel led donate to them select an amount and and click donate. The more that is donated, the more puzzle pieces are filled in. When donating you will be joining us in giving a “piece” of mind one family at a time.

As always, every donation that you give to help a family falls under our 95/5 promise.

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Operation: Ady's Barracks

Objective: Fencing for Zahari

Zahari is a 17 year old boy who doesn’t let his past stop him from loving Jesus and finding JOY! He came to America in 2014, by way of adoption from Bulgaria. His parents, Dave and Courtney Weal, cannot imagine life without him. He has brought so much hope and humor to this world.

He showed his mom during the covid shut down that he knew how to spell using letters on an AAC device. And boy... does he have a lot to say. Nobody taught him and when he’s questioned, he simply says that God taught him and we need to trust and believe. In the summer of 2021, he wrote his adoption story found here.

Zahari is blind, non-verbal, and autistic; which presents itself with challenges in controlling his body. He loves being outside, but has to be supervised due to his lack of fear and his love for climbing. He has a small, makeshift fence in his backyard now, but he quickly figured out ways to escape into the many acres of woods behind him. Thankfully he has a GPS tether bracelet that helped locate him the couple times he escaped unnoticed. His parents and neighbor have tried many locks and things to keep him safe in the yard, but he has outsmarted every attempt. His latest elopement consisted of climbing the fence, which did not end well. He had to spend the next several hours in the ER getting sutures in an area that no male wants to think about. The thought of losing him or him seriously injuring himself or drowning in the nearby creek terrifies this family to a point that he is rarely allowed to play outside anymore.

The Weals feel that the best solution would be a tall privacy fence that would not have places where his feet could propel himself over to the other side. This would be a game changer for Zahari and would give him a safer place to enjoy the outdoors.

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