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5 Facts About the The Legality of Autism Service Dogs

Let’s take a moment and dispel some of the misinformation surrounding autism service dogs. Here are five facts about the legality of service dogs that are important to know while getting a service dog for your child.

1. Taxi Cabs Cannot Deny

Taxi cabs are unable to deny you transportation due to having a service animal. They cannot say no based on allergies, the fear of mess, a fear of dogs, or any other reason.

2. Dogs Do Not Have to Be Licensed or Certified by Any Body

It is a common misconception that hefty fees and years of specialized classes must be taken to give your dog the legal status of a service animal. This is not true. As long as they meet the legal definition of a service animal, they do not have to be specially certified or licensed.

3. Dogs Can Fly

If your child needs to fly and needs their dog during, before, and after the flight, they can take it. Dogs are allowed to fly in the cabin with you. They do not need to be crated or placed in the cargo hold.

4. They Do Not Have to Wear Any Special Gear

Your child’s service animal is not required by law to show that they are a service dog through any accessories. They do not have to wear a vest, ID tag, or harness/leash with the words on it. They cannot be excluded from protected places due to lack of this. This can help your child blend in, but it is also worth considering marking them as a service dog to help avoid intrusive questions that may upset your child.

5. No Fees or Deposits

You cannot be charged any money for having your service dog, whether in housing or public places. Taxi cabs cannot charge you an additional fee for having your service animal in the vehicle.

As you can see, Autism dogs are highly protected by law. The law recognizes how beneficial and extremely important service animals are to people with autism. To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us.

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