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Month: May 2016

Autism Service DogsProtecting Paws: Autism Service Dogs In The Family

Autism Service Dogs are specially trained to assist an autistic child with a variety of skills, including safety, sensory, and social skills to more effectively explore their world. These dogs become part of the family and provide support in a surprising number of ways. Safety Skills One of the behaviors common to autistic children is not […]

Read MoreAutism Puzzle PieceAutism Puzzle Piece – a Mother’s Perspective

Recently a post came through from a customer and we wanted to share it with you. Yesterday a good friend sent an email with an award her daughter had won at school. It was a logo of the autism puzzle piece. Since April is Autism awareness month, this symbol has profound meaning to so many […]

Read MoreAutism Puzzle PieceThe Autism Puzzle Piece

April is Autism awareness month and everywhere you look, puzzle pieces are being proudly displayed in support of the autistic community. The autism puzzle piece has become internationally recognized as a symbol representing the autistic community. The autism puzzle piece was first used as a logo for the National Autistic Society in London and was […]

Read MoreAutism WanderingRisks associated with autism wandering are a real fear for many parents

Parents have many fears when they receive a diagnosis that their child has autism. With the prevalence of autism diagnoses increasing 6-15 percent every year, making it the fastest growing developmental disability, these fears are becoming realities for more and more parents every day. One of the most concerning fears is autism wandering. There are […]

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