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Month: December 2015

The Strength and History of the Autism Puzzle Piece

The Autism Puzzle Piece is widely known symbol across the internet, gaining attention as people post pictures of it on their social media pages, design t-shirts showcasing it, and even sport tattoos of it. However, while it is gaining attention, very little of the history behind it is widely known. The puzzle piece originated as a logo […]

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There are few moments more heart-stopping than turning around and realizing that a loved one who suffers from autism has wandered off. Autism wandering is something that no parent or caregiver ever wants to experience, but it occurs frequently and sometimes has tragic results. In an article issued by Autism Speaks, Senior Executive Director Bob Lowery of the […]

Read MoreSevere Autism Support with Service Dogs, Birmingham AL

Bond Bond has severe autism. At eight years old, his twin sister is the model of health and well-being, but Bond has been battling developmental delays since he was born. At two and a half, Bond’s few words stopped coming, and his face went blank. He was diagnosed with autism. After relentless rounds of occupational, […]

Read MoreAutism Blogs You’ll Want to Bookmark

Unfortunately, in the blogging world there are lots of sites who get abandoned for one reason or another. If you do a Google search for blogs about autism, you will find plenty of blogs that either haven’t been updated in years or have been taken down. Whether you’re looking for information, or you need support, […]

Read MoreAutism Service Dogs: Constant Companions in a Topsy Turvy World

Imagine living in a world where everything is brighter, louder, often distorted, and being unable to express how this makes you feel. Imagine suddenly running off on to a busy street, mindless of the danger of oncoming cars. Imagine wanting friends and not understanding why no one wants to play with you and even worse, […]

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