Serving God by Serving Special Needs Families. Ady's Army Giving “Piece” of Mind, One Family at a Time.
We Exist to Help Families Overcome
Some of the Challenges of Autism.
Changing Lives.
One Family at a Time
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About Ady’s Army

Ady’s Army is a force for good.

It is place where we turn pain into purpose as we work diligently to provide support, protection, and peace of mind to those affected by autism. Realizing the pain and financial pressure families face, we find our purpose in serving God by serving special needs families. Together we work to defeat the financial stress and loneliness caused by autism, providing resources one “piece” and one family at a time.


We exist to help families overcome some of the challenges of autism so that they can focus on their family first.


Serving God by Serving Special Needs Families. Giving “Piece” of mind, one family at a time.

Ady’s Operation Areas

We are a nonprofit who helps families find hope and answers, realizing that what was once impossible alone is now possible with an army - Ady’s Army.

How to Get Involved

There are several ways to support Ady's Army!

Become a Volunteer

a Volunteer

Volunteer at one of our exciting events, like Ady's Racers or our annual Serve Day project.

Lemonade Brigade


Grab a pitcher and your best lemonade recipe and take part of this fun-filled competition for a good cause!

Donating (One Time or Recurring)

Donating (One
Time or Recurring)

Donating is easy and is back by our 95/5 Pledge!

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Shopping with Amazon Smiles

Now your Amazon purchases can help out Ady's Army. It's easy to get started!

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